It’s Not Just Racism That Killed George Floyd

Racism Can’t Be Healed Without Facing The Truth About Patriarchy.

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As a culture, we remain largely asleep to how norms of patriarchal masculinity promote the corruption of men and provide the seedbed for racism and violence.

The Gender Revolution And How We Are Still Raising Patriarchal Boys

Men Aren’t Bad

When boys are raised — as was our President — to believe they should be all-man and, come hell or high water, disavow anything “feminine” in themselves, they learn that to have any worth at all they must disown much of their daily experience.

It’s no coincidence that Trump is both a racist and the poster-child (yes, he’s largely a child in a man’s body) of narcissistic patriarchal masculinity. Trump likely lost access to his own humanity at the hand of his own father in the first five years of his life.

The Inhumanity of Patriarchal Masculinity

Patriarchal Racism

Beyond blame and shame as a culture, we need to understand more about patriarchal masculinity so we can work to create alternative paths that allow more men to be more human, less volatile, less dependent on making someone else bad, less prone to preserve for themsleves an unrealizable category of “manhood.”

Racism Needs Attention On Its Own Terms

It’s Complex: Women Aren’t Any More ‘Good’ Than Men

Much of What Is On Offer For Change Won’t Work

How We Can Promote Change

Writer/student of the truth. Lives at the intersection of philosophy, the gender (r)evolution, politics, psychology and art of parenting.

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