America, the Irrational.

Beyond reason, we are a nation of citizens with feelings and fears. For better and worse, that matters.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The Shared Truth of Fear

It’s time we began facing the fact that reason isn’t driving the bus in America anymore. But if reason isn’t, what is?

Gerd Altmann — Pixabay

Not Democrats or Republicans: What Makes Us Human?

Pete Lindforth — Pixabay

Beyond Dueling Facts: Understand Experience

The truth is, Van Jones didn’t walk out of that room with a MAGA hat flung at the back of his head. In fact, if anything, that young man looked at him, almost as if he was ready to make a friend for life.

Markus Spiske — unsplash

We Are More Than “Rational” — And That’s A Good Thing

Macklay62 — pixabay

America Needs Couples Therapy

The problem is, when we don’t acknowledge feelings when we don’t make space for them and try to understand them, they control us, they take over reason, they make us irrational, and before long, we conflate feelings with reason, compromising the value of both.

When it gets harder to love, let’s love harder. — VAN JONES

Claiming Citizenship At A New Octave

Writer/student of the truth. Lives at the intersection of philosophy, the gender (r)evolution, politics, psychology and art of parenting.

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